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Week of July 6, 2015
This week I had bundles of hydrangeas for sale. This variety is called 'Incrediball'. The stems are very sturdy and don't fall over after the first rain. Hydrangeas blooming.
Week of July 13, 2015
foxglove blooming
This week I have some gorgeous foxglove for sale.
Week of July 20, 2015
We live in an old farmhouse that was built in 1895. Our back porch slab has tilted into the house and causing water damage along the foundation wall. The work begins to fix it.
foundation work begins
Week of July 27, 2015
potato harvest
Harvested my potatoes this week. I grow Yukon Gold, Red Norland and Kennebec. Nothing better than a fresh dug tater.
Week of August 3, 2015
This week's load of flowers. Flowers are really coming in now.
loading the truck
Week of August 10, 2015
Saturday market
My stalls this week at the market.
Week of August 17, 2015
My garlic crop this year. garlic harvest
Week of August 24, 2015
fresh herbs for sale
This is a typical load of herbs I bring to the market. Everything looks so good!
Week of August 31, 2015
After a lot of grunt work on my husband's part, the concrete porch has been removed. Hubby has been working in the crawl space fixing the foundation and insulating.
porch torn out
Week of September 7, 2015
wedding flowers
I did a huge wedding. These are the flowers which included bride's bouquet, bridemaid's bouquets, 2 corsages, 5 boutineeres and all the table arrangements.
Week of September 14, 2015
My cherry tomato mix which has 9 different varieties. Sungold, Sweet 100, Red Pear, Yellow Pear, Green Grape, Grape, Juliet, Chocolate Cherry and Indigo Blueberry.
Cherry tomato mixes for sale.
Week of September 21, 2015
leftover flowers
This time of year I have so much to pick that I have to finish bouquets at the market. Some nice stuff to work with.
Week of September 29, 2014
The new porch has been poured. Now to replace the siding. new porch