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Good Herbal Soaps
Handmade soaps are 100% vegetable-based with all natural ingredients containing all or some of the following oils: olive, coconut, palm, soybean and lye.
Aloe & Comfrey
This soap combines the best healing ingredients into one facial bar. Contains comfrey root powder, aloe vera oil, lavender and rosemary essentials oils.
aloe and comfrey soap
This unscented healing soap is very gentle. Good for rashes and irriatated skin. Calendula has the ability to help regenerate new cell growth. I grow a high-oil content calendula, make an infusion; then make the soap. Contains calendula flowers.
calendula soap
Cocoa Butter
This moisturizing soap is super-fatted with cocoa butter. Contains lavender and bitter almond essential oils.
cocoa butter soap
Gardener's Friend
Lemongrass and cedarwood essential oils help clean and freshen with just enough cornmeal to get out the deep down dirt. Nice next to the kitchen sink for removing onion and garlic from hands.
gardeners friend soap
This relaxing soap contains lavender essential oil and has antiseptic properties.
lavender soap
This soap is good for oily skin, poison ivy, chicken pox, etc., with its soothing and drying abilities. Contains pulverized oatmeal for texture. Unscented.
oatmeal soap
This invigorating soap contains peppermint essential oil and crushed peppermint.
peppermint soap
Rose Hip
This gentle soap will take you to the rose garden. Made with rose geranium and lavender essential oils which helps with women's emotions.
rose hip soap
This refreshing soap is an astrigent containing rosemary essential oil and crushed rosemary for color and texture.
rosemary soap
Sage & Cedar
This manly soap is an excellent anti-bacterial, anti-fungicidal containing sage and cedar essential oils.
sage and cedar soap
Sweet Birch
This soap is good for exzema and psoriasis, having analgesic properties which is absorbed through the skin. Good for sore muscles. Contains sweet birch essential oil.
sweet birch soap
Tea Tree & Lavender
My best soap incorporating hemp seed oil which contains fatty acids, vitamins, and enzymes that are easily absorbed by the skin and contributes moisturizing qualities. Soothes and heals dry skin and minor burns. Tea tree oil absorbed by the skin speeds healing. Contains tea tree and lavender essential oils.
tea tree and lavender soap
Woodland Garden
This soap will remind you of an early morning walk in the woods. Contains lavender, patchouli, and oakmoss essential oils.
woodland garden soap
Bars are approximately 4 ounces each.